Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Would you like to regrow hair in a bald spot?
Would you like to fill in thinning hair?
Would you like to have hair that is thick and healthy?

Look no further! Use coconut oil for hair growth!

Now, at the outset, I will say that the condition of your hair has more to do with your lifestyle than what you put on the hair itself. If you are stressed, if you are not eating properly, if you are in a smoky environment – so many things can effect your how your hair looks and grows.  You should definitely be treating your hair with a natural product that will increase the health of your hair, but, at the same time, take stock of your daily habits and environments to see if there is anything you can improve upon – for your hair AND your body!!

Coconut oil is one of the best products that you can use on your hair.  Let’s talk a little bit about the science behind that statement.

Hair starts to grow in a small bulb just under your skin.  The cells there are packed with keratin – a family of fibrous structural proteins.  Keratin also is the primary ingredient in your skin and nails.  The structure of your hair depends on the interaction between that keratin and other molecules.

So, hair is made, primarily, from a kind of  protein.

Coconut oil is best known for the lauric acid that it contains.  It is one of the reasons coconut oil is so good for you.  This lauric acid gives coconut oil a high affinity for hair proteins which makes it able to nourish the hair proteins.  Because it has a low molecular weight, it is able to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver that nourishment where it is needed instead of just weighing hair down.

Coconut oil nourishes hair protein.

Put those two things together and you’ll be making the hair you have healthier AND setting up the right elements to encourage new hair growth!

Let the personal experiences of coconut oil for hair growth from A Filipina Mom Blogger and her husband tell you how well it works!

How To Apply Coconut Oil For Hair Growth:

In the evening before going to bed, slather on some coconut oil.  Massage the oil into your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes.  The massaging action will also stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.  If you have long hair, comb the oil all the way to the ends making sure to coat the ends.  Wrap a warm towel securely around your head.  Leave the oil on all night.  When you shower in the morning, use a very gentle shampoo.

Where to buy coconut oil? I always recommend Tropical Traditions coconut oil as the best source for a premium oil.  I have had great experiences with their coconut oil.  And, if you use the code 4995319, they will send a free book going into much more detail about the power of coconut oil.

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Clair Moulinos February 24, 2011 at 8:56 pm
admin February 27, 2011 at 12:32 am

Thank you for that additional info Clair! And thanks for stopping by!

The article that Clair referred to in that link talks about how amino acids help in hair growth. The friendship between your hair and coconut oil is strengthened because coconut oil, internally and externally, helps your body to absorb amino acids (among other wonderful things) better!


howardski March 1, 2011 at 4:29 am

i have a cue ball head. trying to grow hair on it has become a pain. at this rate i will have added nearly every fruit and vegetable in there many forms that you can imagine. some i never imagined. but so far nada. i will give this a shot.


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